The Tax March is an international movement of people coming together to demand transparency and financial disclosure by President Trump. Every march and marcher has their own specific reasons and set of principles which have led them to believe this transparency is necessary. 

Fort Walton, Florida March Principles


Why We March
We believe public servants must be accountable to the people who elect them. The public has a right to understand the financial relationships and potential conflicts of interest of their elected leaders. 

What We Want
President Trump must immediately release his full tax returns, as all presidents and major-party presidential candidates have done for the last 40 years. Congress should enact legislation requiring this president and future presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.

What We Believe
Democracy requires transparency and accountability. Government must function in an accountable and ethical manner for the public to have faith in our elected officials. Transparency and strong safeguards against corruption are needed to ensure the president, administration officials, and Congress have no conflicts of interest. Officials should not use their offices to benefit monetarily nor engage in hidden entanglements with foreign governments which could pose risks to public safety and the public interest.