The Tax March is an international movement of people coming together to demand transparency and financial disclosure by President Trump. Every march and marcher has their own specific reasons and set of principles which have led them to believe this transparency is necessary. 

Palo alto, California March Principles

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We call on employees and stockholders of Silicon Valley companies to sign this pledge: 

"I pledge to temporarily #StarveTheGOP by refusing to donate to, fundraise for, or endorse GOP candidates and affiliated political action committees, until the GOP-controlled Congress orders the public release of Donald Trump's tax returns. I demand that executives and board members of my organization stand with me."

In every election, Silicon Valley companies pour millions into GOP coffers, second only to oil & gas companies. These dollars power the re-election campaigns of all Republicans in Congress, and for this reason, they vote almost entirely along party lines on all nominations and legislative actions.

Every presidential nominee over the past 40 years has released tax returns, but President Trump refuses to. Trump's returns will disclose whether he has conflicts of interest and business ties with foreign powers that can compromise our national security and sovereignty. The GOP has the power to force a release, but instead, they keep voting to keep Trump's tax returns secret. 

If campaign donations dry up for the GOP from major Silicon Valley corporations, they will turn on Trump and demand his tax returns. This is our goal.