The Tax March is an international movement of people coming together to demand transparency and financial disclosure by President Trump. Every march and marcher has their own specific reasons and set of principles which have led them to believe this transparency is necessary. 

Princeton, Illinois March Principles


The demand for tax returns is about more than President Trump’s past business practices; it is about the future of America.  We must not allow the American presidency to be used for personal profit.  Public disclosure of Mr. Trump’s tax returns will shed light on global and domestic business interests that may conflict with the great responsibilities of his office.

The American People have a duty to hold public officials to their promises and demand openness from our government.  It is fundamentally patriotic to demand integrity in the words and actions of our elected officials.  The American people will not tolerate lies.

Conflicts of interest between Trump’s personal wealth and the responsibilities of his office cannot be tolerated.  Full divestiture of conflicting assets is the only way the public can know that their President is putting America’s – and not his own – interest first.

Allowing secrecy in the personal financial dealings of elected officials threatens trust in America’s crucial institutions.  American people and businesses need to know they are participating in fair and honest competition in the marketplace.

This is a movement for all.  Trump’s conflicts of interest are important to everyone regardless of political affiliation or personal background.  Everyone who values democracy is welcome at Tax March.

We believe that peaceful, non-violent demonstration and organization is the best way to effectively spread our message.  Everyone participating in this event will be required to abide by all applicable laws and lawful orders of authorities.  This event will be nonviolent and will not involve any civil disobedience or other violation of the law.