The Tax March is an international movement of people coming together to demand transparency and financial disclosure by President Trump. Every march and marcher has their own specific reasons and set of principles which have led them to believe this transparency is necessary. 

Springfield, Missouri March Principles


On Tax Day, residents of Springfield and Southwest Missouri will join their fellow citizens around the nation in demanding that Donald Trump release his tax returns, as he promised throughout the presidential campaign to do “LATER.”


Donald Trump and his surrogates claim that he won’t release his tax returns because the American people “don’t care.”


Donald Trump and Paul Ryan propose a federal budget and tax reform that will result in a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the 1% and corporations, many of whom don’t pay their fair share, while cutting or eliminating funding to programs that benefit all Americans.


On Saturday, April 15th we will gather to demand transparency from Donald Trump on financial ties between Trump and Russia, and on potential conflicts of interest between the Trump family and his responsibility to the American people. 74% of Americans want to see his taxes. We are among them.